Corporative Lurbel

Lurbel wins the Aitex Innovation Business Award


Lurbel received the Aitex Innovation Business Award 2018 for one of its latest creations, the Lurbel Kylie vest. The award is a new recognition to the constant commitment of the sports firm regarding the conceptual and technological innovation of those garments launched to the market.


The project


Kylie is part of the athletes’ need for storage: a need interpreted by Lurbel as a vest thanks to its bidirectional production system of garments with maximum adaptability, 360º of elasticity and without seams. But the genuineness of this vest does not end in its concept. Its development from the technology Lurbel iDT with multifilaments of carbonised bamboo provides spectacular antibacterial, thermoregulatory and fast drying performances. In addition, it presents an extra practicality since it can be washed in the washing machine.


Lurbel, an innovative company


Lurbel Kylie was launched in the PV2018 collection and represents the innovative potential of Lurbel nowadays, as well as its degree of specialisation in the sports textile sector. In this sense, the continuous research with new products such as Kylie, a product patented by the brand, has made possible the positioning of this family-owned Spanish company founded in 1992, a benchmark in the high-performance sports sector at European level.


The product


This vest, which weighs only 155 gr, is developed with the same textile technology and weaving system of the Innovative Dual Technology (iDT) from the brand's Premium textile line, with high concentrations of carbonised bamboo yarn (41%) for an optimum thermoregulation, fast drying and antibacterial effect. This last feature is reinforced with the effect of the silver mesh offered by the firm.




Textile technology


The textile technology of this vest is developed with the Innovative Dual Technology (iDT), a complex fabric formed by a mesh with silver additivated coating an elastomer that provides antibacterial (to stop the appearance of bad smell), elasticity and adaptability properties. In addition, the core of this technology is composed of polyester yarns with carbonised bamboo and technical polyester to enhance its breathability.


Outstanding features


Two front pockets: maximum 500 ml of soft flask in each pocket.

A central back pocket: 1 l of capacity.

Two front perimeter pockets and three back perimeter pockets: gels, keys, telephone... (125 ml in each pocket).

Double zip for an ideal fit.

Without seams.

Reinforced fabric on the shoulders and sides to prevent the peeling effect.