Lurbel improves the fit of your socks with +A Adaptability Lurbel improves the fit of your socks with +A Adaptability

Lurbel improves the fit of your socks with +A Adaptability

Lurbel, one of the leading brands in sports hosiery, has begun implementing +A adaptability as standard to improve the fit of the cuffs of their socks. This improvement has come into effect with the OI2019/2020 collection and will be applied to the entire range of ankle and quarter-length socks with double cuffs.

Many of the successful own-brand ranges that the Spanish company supplies, such as the Bmax Desafío, Bmax Track or Bmax Race models, will also include this new optimisation from now on. And it is not just the Premium line with Bmax technology that are affected, the socks with double cuffs from the Performance line will also be improved with this technology.

+Adaptability Fit

This innovative fitting system is based on an innovative composition and application of the elastic in the double cuffs of the socks and can be identified on the inside of the cuff of the sock by the +A mark.

With this optimisation, the brand aims to further improve the durability, quality and fit of the sock against natural wear and tear and avoid a premature loss of elasticity in the cuffs of the socks, which is one of the first symptoms of natural wear and tear of a sock.

Leaders in sports hosiery

Lurbel renews its commitment to the quality, durability and resistance of its socks, not only through the development of new textile technologies but also through the structures and finishes of each garment.

Guaranteed durability

Lurbel's R&D department describes this optimisation as a renewal of Lurbel's commitment to responsible and sensible sales through the supply of high-quality and durable products.