Lurbel proves the benefits of its Recovery compressive equipment Lurbel proves the benefits of its Recovery compressive equipment

Lurbel proves the benefits of its Recovery compressive equipment

Lurbel has proved the real benefits of using its Lurbel Recovery collection of compression garments post-exercise. The collection is comprised of the Lurbel Flow shirt and Lurbel Response leggings. This study demonstrates the commitment of the Spanish brand to creating maximum demand sports textile, to seeking real benefits and to maximum transparency regarding the properties Lurbel offers the most demanding sportspeople.


This R+D project, named Renditex*, classifies the benefits into various categories:

- Reduces the perception of general fatigue and pain 24h after a race**.

- Quicker reversal of the temporary worsening of renal function suffered by the sportsperson after the race.

- Reduces muscular damage levels 24h after the race.

- A great wearable aide for the day following the race, due to the good level of comfort perception shown by the sportspeople. 


Certified suitable compression

The study also confirms that the compression values comply with the established values. This is shown acting on the basis that both the top and the leggings must show gradual compression decreasing from 15mm Hg to 10mm Hg in the ankle zone and decreasing in percentage as the compression extends towards the sportsperson’s torso.

Furthermore, the study also demonstrates the durability and antibacterial properties of these garments. Most importantly, after 25 wash cycles at 30ºC the garment remains almost as good as new and shows a high level of antibacterial activity against two of the most common strains causing bad odour in clothing, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Corynebacterium jeikeium. It shows bacteriostatic properties against the Streptococcus pyogenes strain, maintaining these at optimum levels for avoiding bad odour.

Lurbel: pioneer in R+D

*Renditex is a project of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) of the Ministry for Science, Innovation and Universities, which focuses on R+D of sports garments for improving performance and recovery through functionalisation and sensorisation.

**For the study, a group of sportspeople was analysed after running a 50km mountain race with 3400m E+.